We are happy to be offering these discounted places to our upcoming workshops. We look forward to meeting you and beginning an ongoing dialogue. Please call 02 9569 1458 for more information. Please note that if you decide to come to Saturday's workshop, we will be filming the activities and require you to sign a film release form. Each workshop will run from 10am to 4pm.

Stop-Motion Animation | Nov 18


Manipulating Time | Nov 19


Both Workshops | Nov 18 & 19


1. STOP MOTION ANIMATION                                       

This workshop will introduce participants to simple animation techniques for the generation of moving image work engaged with juxtaposition, storytelling and the illusion of movement.

By making historical reference to Dada and surrealism, the workshop will look at animation as a vehicle for work that addresses metamorphosis, automata, myth or narrative.

Themes: metamorphosis, daydreams and Australian legends.

Syllabus frame: cultural interpretation.


This workshop will demonstrate how moving image is experienced over time, and discusses how different forms of editing can re-contextualise the meaning of imagery.

Themes: urban space, journeys, the body in space.

Syllabus frame: structural interpretation.