Next workshops in Sydney: October 14 & 15 and November 18 & 19 at the National Maritime Museum 

Our Scanlines workshops are BOSTES accredited and incorporate the latest specialist knowledge and the use of technical skills in digital media for the visual arts. We signpost teaching strategies that foster critical and creative thinking, and creative approaches to problem solving. The workshops are supported by the dLux national touring exhibition program and recognised academic website,

1. stop motion animation                                       

This workshop will introduce participants to simple animation techniques for the generation of moving image work engaged with juxtaposition, storytelling and the illusion of movement.

By making historical reference to Dada and surrealism, the workshop will look at animation as a vehicle for work that addresses metamorphosis, automata, myth or narrative. It is designed to make use of accessible technology to produce ideas driven creative work.

Themes: metamorphosis, daydreams and Australian legends.

Syllabus frame: cultural interpretation.

2. manipulating time

This workshop will demonstrate how moving image is experienced over time, and discusses how different forms of editing can re-contextualise the meaning of imagery.

Themes: urban space, journeys, the body in space.

Syllabus frame: structural interpretation.

3. manipulating sound and image

This workshop will demonstrate how sound influences the way moving image is experienced. It discusses how different forms of media can be remixed to re-contextualise the meaning of found and recorded footage.

Themes: juxtaposition, cliche, and appropriation.

Syllabus frame: postmodernism

4. remix

This workshop will explore the construction of complex digital compositions that quote cultural references to create meaning through processes of montage and fragmentation. By utilizing a range of approaches to popular culture and pastiche, developed through in frame editing, animation, layering etc. participants will create art works and creative resources with reference to conceptual frameworks and cultural literacy.

Themes: remix, nostalgia, media critique.

Syllabus frame: postmodernism.

(We recommend that participants complete at least one of the first three workshops before signing up for remix.)

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