Striking Contrasts is a two part simultaneous screening program curated by Geoff Weary in association with dLux Media Arts. It is the second in an ongoing subscription series of curated video art packages developed with touring partners, Museums And Galleries NSW.

Striking Contrasts manifests an erasure of barriers between between film making and fine art, tracing tendencies in contemporary screen based art. Using two screens in concert, Striking Contrasts overturns the notion of discord, presenting pairs of works within an oppositional framework to draw comparisons between them.

What emerges from this visual conversation is a picture of media art that is being produced in Australia at the moment. Some overarching tendencies include appropriation, themes of transcendence and rapture, fetish, the body, performance and spectatorship.

Featured Artists

Deborah Kelly
John Conomos
Angelica Mesiti
Paul Winkler
Joan Ross
Grant Stevens
John Gillies
Jess MacNeil
Nicola Walkerden
Tony Lawrence




Showreel & Interview with Curator 


Regional Gallery Tour Dates


For more information and bookings head over to the Museums And Galleries Striking Contrasts site.
Striking Contrasts touring in association with Geoffrey Weary, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and Museums And Galleries NSW




  Visual Arts and Craft Strategy - Office for the Arts  Screen NSW Museums & Galleries NSW Australia Council for the Arts