EP #6: 'The Data' with Baden Pailthorpe & Aaron Coutts

This week we’re talking about Baden Pailthorpe’s work, ‘Clanger’. Exploring the aesthetics of data and technology, ‘Clanger’ pairs statistical tracking data of AFL player performance with the emotional intensities of the crowd to create 3D virtual artworks.

In statistical terms, the word ‘Clanger’ refers to a turnover or a silly mistake made by a player in an AFL match. The criteria for each player’s usefulness is defined wholly by the data they generate during the game— AFL players are tracked using micro wearable devises. The amount of data generated from these devices in a given game is immense; every movement is tracked, stored and interpreted in an effort to understand performance, mitigate injury and measure value. Joined by scientist and sports researcher, Aaron Coutts, to discuss the challenges and success of their collaboration.