EP #9: 'The Robot' with Mari Velonaki & Maurice Pagnucco

Computers and machines are full of knowledge and information... but can they be intelligent?  ‘Intelligence’ describes the brain’s ability to reason, learn, plan, deploy abstract reasoning, experience emotions and exercise self-awareness.

On this episode of The Constellations, host Bec Dean is joined by artist and researcher Mari Velonaki, who creates poetic human-machine interfaces exist within a broad field of AI research, pursuing the creation of truly intelligent non-human objects. We are also joined by her collaborator, Maurice Pagnucco is Deputy Dean (Education), Engineering and Head of School, School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW


EP#7: 'The Bees' with Nigel Helyer & Jon Drummond

This episode, were talking with the artists behind the project: Oratorio for a Million Souls. Collaborating with thousands of bees, this large scale project created three ‘green' architectural structures, in the form of traditional bee ‘skeps’ in botanical gardens in Buitenpost (Fryslan) and Oldenburg and Emden (Germany). To generate empathy with the dire state of bees in the face of commercial farming, pesticides and global warming, these three ‘Oratorios’ contain Bumble Bee nests equipped with audio and data sensors that create a multi-channel realtime ‘opera’ audiences could participate in. In a unique inter-species situation visitors experience the uncanny sensation of being located in the heart of a massive bee city, a citizen meditating with their fellow beings, all working, all buzzing!

Nigel Helyer Bees.jpg

EP #4: 'The Earth' with Grayson Cooke & Emma Walker

On EP #4 ‘The Earth’ DLUX is joined by the artists behind "Open Air". A visual setting of the 2013 album "Open" by Australian cult band The Necks. It is also a form of creative earth imaging; it combines timelapse Landsat satellite imagery of Australia, with motion-controlled aerial photography of the paintings and processes of Australian painter Emma Walker. Together, these two vastly different forms of aerial earth imaging combine to produce a complex picture of a changing planet.