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Bank account name:              dLux Media Arts Incorporated
   Bank account BSB:           633000
   Bank account number:     149874992
   EFT transfer reference/comment/identifier:                                FOLO_DLUX
   EFT email address to confirm donation and request receipt:

If you could make a lifetime of difference with a 30-second download, would you? We are so excited to announce our partnership with Folo! An innovative piece of technology, the Folo Bar can be added to the internet browser on your computer in seconds, and automatically generates donations for when you shop online at any of over 700 partnered retailers.

We would love for you to jump onboard, so we’re inviting you to ‘Folo’ us. It’s a simple and easy way to support us that will never cost you a cent! With just one download, Folo allows you to generate a donation for just by shopping online as you normally would. To Folo for free, simply download the Folo Bar onto your computer’s browser through this link.