Erica Gray & Jake Hempson - A Match Made in sARTorial Heaven

Last month, we hosted the inaugural sARTorial: where digital art meets fashion, sound and technology. It was the result of just six week's preparation and collaboration between artists of varied disciplines; one of which was that between Gold Coast based practitioners, Erica Gray and Jake Hempson.

Infinity  | Erica Gray

Infinity | Erica Gray

Erica Gray came on board as ambassador for the event, throwing her weight as an award-winning wearable art designer behind this fusion of fashion and tech. She presented us first with her piece Infinity, a personal representation of what she imagines as internet 'data being stored, backlogged and rewritten into wriggly, twisted thick black data cables and plastic antennae.'

As the weeks wore on, Erica sought to add another layer to two brand new designs she made specifically for debut at sARTorial - LUX OPERON. This layer would not be one of fabric or 3D printed material, but rather that of a reality augmented. Cue Jake Hempson digital character artist, creature designer and animator. 

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray | Image Credit:  Aaron Leung Photography

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray | Image Credit: Aaron Leung Photography

Erica describes LUX OPERON thusly:

'Lux Operon represents the duality of visual expression observed in one form or another by an array of living creatures, be they some form of marine animals, or be they a form of bacteria, or be they an imagined entity within ourselves, they have the enviable ability to produce bio luminescence as a reaction to their environment. As humans we need technology, our own form of luminescence, to utilise and enhance our clothing, our accessories, our immediate environment…'

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray | Image Credit:  Dusk Devi Vision

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray | Image Credit: Dusk Devi Vision

It was from this look and feel that Jake created his 3D models that would be viewed through augmented reality app Aurasma, providing audiences with more pieces to the LUX OPERON puzzle and unlocking a third-eye of imagination and possibility. 

Erica recently reflected on her and Jake's partnership:

'In September, Jake Hempson and I displayed our collaborative installation piece LUX OPERON at sARTorial: a Fashion meets technology event through DLUX. I designed and produced the 3D wearables and Jake designed and produced the 3D digital elements. It was the first time collaborating on a project for me and it was a great experience all round. The ephemeral quality of Augmented Reality over solid sculptural forms intrigues me and as applications become more user friendly, I see (AR) use becoming second nature as a means of displaying layered content to artwork, sculptures and wearables.'

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray   AR Component | Jake Hempson

LUX OPERON | Erica Gray

AR Component | Jake Hempson