What will you be wearing in the (not too distant) future?

Google glasses, apple watches, glow-in-the-dark gowns, Met Gala fashion - will this become the norm? It seems so, with experts predicting that technology will influence our fashion more and more. We might very well be walking around in outfits similar to Katniss Everdeen's in The Hunger Games sooner rather than later.

'Luciferin' created by artist and designer, Laura Jade |  laurajade.com.au

'Luciferin' created by artist and designer, Laura Jade | laurajade.com.au

Designers are already creating clothing that can respond to certain environmental elements like pollution and sunlight providing an instant connection to our surrounds through the garments we wear.

Last year, The Guardian interviewed creative director at CuteCircuit Francesca Rosella who proclaims that “in five to 10 years, all the little gadgets we have to carry around - like mobile phones, cameras or bracelets - will disappear and everything will be integrated into a garment”. 

CuteCircuit was also responsible for the world’s first couture twitter dress worn by singer Nicole Scherzinger who unveiled the crystal incrusted digital dress that lights up to spell out tweets sent by fans. It was commissioned by EE to celebrate the launch of their 4G mobile network in London as far back as 2012.

Artists have long been involved in the wearable technology realm and we’re starting to see their early explorations being picked up by the fashion elite and worn by musicians on stage and at events, performers in plays and actors on the silver screen. 

Smart clothing is on the move with fashion houses like Ralph Lauren jumping on the bandwagon reaching out to OMsignal, a Canadian startup to create connected couture. 

Sure, perfected wearable technology has still got a while to go before all the creases have been ironed out and maybe it is a superficial fad, but it could also be a hell of a lot of fun!

We hope that the artists, designers, tinkerers, tech-heads and creatives that we are pulling together will be able to showcase their thoughts on wearables at sARTorial - a pop-up event as part of this year’s Sydney Fringe.

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