Seven things you might not know about dLux

1. We’ve been around since the 80s

Beginning as the Sydney Super 8 Group in 1982, we became the Sydney Intermedia Network in 1990 before taking up our current name as dLux MediaArts in 1998.

2. We’re custodians to Australia’s most comprehensive media arts archive

Scanlines is both a physical and online archive surveying forty years of new media art in Australia. is a broad resource profiling artists, curators, organisations and events since the 1960s. The database is an ongoing and evolving platform dedicated to preserving industry ephemera. homepage homepage

3. Our archive is currently in its second year of touring

Todd Fuller, one of our artists and curators, studied the archive and selected twelve works to create the national touring show: Scanlines. It features fourteen artists including; KURT BRERETON, LEON CMIELEWSKI, DANIEL CROOKS, DANIEL MUDIE CUNNINGHAM, STEPHEN FEARNLEY, STEPHEN HARROP, SUE HEALEY, SODA_JERK, JANET MEREWETHER, KATE RICHARDS, KATHY SMITH, JOSEPHINE STARRS, MARK TITMARSH, & JOHN TONKIN. Each work aims to highlight a particular period in media art history and showcase different techniques and technologies.

Scanlines on show at Dubbo's Western Plains Cultural Centre in 2015

Scanlines on show at Dubbo's Western Plains Cultural Centre in 2015

4. We’ve been working in regional Australia since 2011

Our dLab National Program reaches out to disadvantaged young people, especially young women from Indigenous and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, from remote and regional communities across the country. dLab uses the immediacy and accessibility of technology to encourage an informal learning environment often more appealing to those disengaged from traditional education. 

We have partnered with councils, schools and organisations in numerous locations in New South Wales including Wagga Wagga, Kempsey and Coonabarabran as well as Beswick and Nauiyu in the Northern Territory. Over the last five years, we’ve bought new skills in art, science and technology to hundreds of young people helping them to tell their stories, create work in response to environmental, social and cultural issues and build their confidence.

dLab in Wilcannia 2014

dLab in Wilcannia 2014

5. We’re passionate about media arts education

Our time in regional and remote Australia and through our touring programs inspired us to formalise some of the workshops we offer and establish ourselves as an organisation passionate about arts education. In May this year we received endorsement from the Quality Teaching Council through the Board of Studies Teaching Educational Standards NSW for a suite of workshops that relate to our Scanlines exhibition. 

6. We host a bi-annual pop-up event

IS THIS ART? has grown in diversity and popularity since it began in 2014. Now in its third year IS THIS ART? is a critical platform for the exhibition and promotion of cutting edge new media artworks created by young and emerging artists.

It has become our flagship event, a one night only pop-up extravaganza designed to push audience’s perception of media art. Showcasing a variety of digital art practices from sound and video to robotics and installation we aim to add our own flair to Sydney’s nightlife.

IS THIS ART? March 2016

IS THIS ART? March 2016


7. We are grassroots in our support of new media artists

All of our programs create opportunities not only for professional and established artists, but also for artists both young and emerging. We work closely with these practitioners to shape our dLab National Program, our touring shows, our educational workshops as well as for specific projects requested by galleries, councils and other organisations. We are committed to the promotion of all media art and all media art artists and we are committed to contributing to a vibrant Australian arts culture.