Tara Morelos | Director

Tara is chock full of ideas and when she's not busy wiping her brow at the coal face (she's the hands-on type o' gal), she's free to whip up some great projects and partnerships that have artists and their practice at the core.  

Spearheading some of our most successful programs, Tara is always on the prowl for the next big thing. She wants to empower young people and communities by using art and technology as tools for social, cultural and self exploration to create Australia's next great makers and shakers.


Mantej Singh | Business and Program Development Manager

Anything you want, anything you need, you got it (as long as its measurable, makes good business sense and has a positive social impact). Mantej comes to us from 15 years of community and cultural development management, so he fits dLux like a glove.

Coming on board in early 2017, Mantej has been the shot in dLux's arm and has the awesome role of taking our services to market! He deciphers Tara's wild ideas and turns them into bankable business, baby! 



Liz Bradshaw | Education Designer

Think education is boring? Whoa, have you been misinformed! Liz can take your average edu-speak, combine it with some sweet art and tech ideas and produce something that will make you wish you were back in high school! 

If you're a teacher, she has designed some pretty cool workshops that are NESA accredited, so you can take your new-found skills back to the classroom and really school your students on what's hot!


Jo Leslie | Communications & Social Media Manager at Large

Despite relocating to the UK in May 2017, Jo can't bear to let go her unofficial title of 'Web & Social Media Mistress' so has decided to continue her contribution on the other side of the world.

Time and distance ain't no problem if you've got the wonders of the internet to keep feeding your energy into!