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We want your help in creating the next generation of creative thinkers & entrepreneurs

 Did you know - 1 in 4 Aussie 15yo's are not digitally literate and 1 in 3 struggle with problem-solving? 
These are shocking statistics and present a real problem for the future of Australia.

We have the solution!!

With over 35 years of experience in presenting stellar events and exhibitions DLUX have access to a vast network of artists, makers
and creative technologists whose knowledge and passion for new technologies is awe-inspiring.

With your support we'll transform this knowledge and passion into creative learning programs for schools and communities across Australia, helping educators confidently embrace the creative possibilities of the digital world and put the LIFE back into LEARNING
for our young people.


Every bit you give will be matched dollar for dollar!

dLUX works with art, technology and ideas
to create stronger, healthier communities. 

Seven things you might not know about dLux -