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Alyssa Kulyk

Examples of work

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design (Honours) at UNSW Art & Design. I have a range of skills between graphic design, jewellery design and fabrication. I am always open and keen to pick up new skills and share the ones I have learned with others. I also get great satisfaction out of problem solving and developing new design solutions. I hope to be able to contribute my jewellery making skills to the development of interactive wearables and tech.

Loc Nguyen

Examples of work

I am currently finishing my third year of Media Arts at UNSW Art and Design. I specialise in interactive media art and have made various works ranging from sound installations, spatial practice and video. I have a basic understanding of coding in both Processing and Max MSP, and a very well-rounded and deep knowledge of art.


Jake Hempson

Examples of work

As a digital artisan, I work in an exacting medium; every element which is put together is based on a mathematically accurate model, even when modelling facsimiles’ of real world items, the starting point is a perfect cube, sphere or cylinder. This reliance on an ideal [perfect] primitive, is partly a technical restriction of the medium, but I also an aesthetic legacy of computer science, which is based on the classical aesthetic of the perfect. There is no longer an aesthetic] reason to be restrained by the perfect. 

Monisha Chippada

I'd love the experience as i am in my third year of textile design and my first year of interactive media design and would love to meet people passionate about the same things as me and create something beautiful with those people.


Naomi Oliver

Examples of work

My art practice is primarily based in video, animation, sound, installation and performance art. The work I have recently been making often investigates flaws in technology, such as corrupted digital imagery, as well as psychology, the body and environment - and how these elements interact. I have been wanting to learn new tech skills, particularly in order to eventually create wearable glitch art. I would relish the opportunity to participate in this program and collaborate with makers from other disciplines.

Warren Armstrong

Examples of work

I'm a new media artist who's worked extensively in mobile device based projects - including (Un)seen Sculptures which I presented with dLux - and with large-scale interactive installations. As yet though, I have done nothing in the wearable space (although I have some experience with Arduino circuit building and programming which I could potentially use in this space) and that is why I am interested in sARTorial.

Rani Fitriana

Examples of work

My name is Rani Fitriana, student in Master of Creative Industries, Macquarie University. I have some experiences in singing with a band while studying my undergraduate in Indonesia. I am interested in contemporary arts, especially in music and technology. Learning these in Sydney would be very interesting for me.

Ellie Locke

Examples of work

I am currently undertaking a double bachelor in Fashion and Textiles Design with International and Global Studies majoring in Japan at University of Technology Sydney. I am in my fifth year, (third year of fashion) and just returned from a year of student exchange in Tokyo. My skills are broad - I did Textiles and Design for the HSC at Sydney Girls High School and have been making clothing since I was about 10 years old. But my skills at this stage are relatively traditional - pattern-making, construction, screen-printing etc.

Jade Boyd

Examples of work

I’m a visual artist and Creative Practice PhD candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, researching occulted energies in nature and technology.

My artistic practice encompasses audio, video and installation, often in a live setting and in collaboration with musicians and sound artists.


Nelia Justo

Examples of work

Nick Wishart

Examples of work

Nick Wishart’s main area of artistic practice is music, sound, video and multimedia by adapting and re-purposing existing and emerging domestic technologies and intuitive physical interfaces to create new audio/visual interfaces.

Wishart combines his skills in electronics, interactive devices, audio-visual production and circuit bending to create interactive multi-media installations and circuit bent instruments that form the basis of the all toy band Toydeath.

Brian McNamara

Examples of work

I have always had an interest in wearable art and tech, particularly sound and music generation controlled by human movement. I have experience in the hardware and software development of the PicAxe, Raspberry Pi and Arduino micro controllers including the wearable friendly sewable LilyPad range of components. My main practice includes building experimental instruments with a focus on the engagement of multiple people or which require unusual kinetic movements to be played. My instruments include computer programmed elements, percussion, found sounds from used electronics and purpose designed oscillators.

Jessica Xie

Examples of work

I am currently studying the final year of a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles in the University of Technology, Sydney. I have had a keen interest in wearable technology ever since I learnt about how current technology can enhance clothing and provide an extra medium for artistic expression.

I can bring  problem solving, design thinking, technical sewing, illustrating, and CAD skills to the project. 

I am excited about how the future of fashion will be shaped by technology, particularly giving life to a piece of clothing and allowing it to be interactive through electronic and sensory responsive technology. 


Ahmad Mollahassani

Examples of work

I enrolled into Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts (MIDEA) at the University of Sydney and I recently graduated.
I am going to continue my studies at the same discipline this year in PhD level hopefully.

I am very good at Electronics and Micro-controllers' Hardware, Firmware and programme development as well as web design and Android app design and linking apps and webs to electronic devices wirelessly and many other capabilities.

Mariam Abboud

We (myself and Auburn Girls High School students) have been working in photography and projection mapping and would love to extend our concepts and technical expertise I am very interested in learning how to use the arduino and work with augmented realities and VR I'd love to be matched with someone with those skills. I am currently exhibiting and working with ICE and AGNSW on there social engagement projects. I would love to be able to find a mentor/collaborator technically skills to be able to deliver conceptually challenging work with new technologies. 

Zoe Mahony

Examples of work

Sydney Fashion Designer, Artist and Curator, Zoe Mahony gained her Dip. Fine Arts, at National Art School in 1992 and later graduated with First Class Honors in Fashion and Textile Design at UTS in 1999.

In 2000 she was awarded The Winston Churchill Fellowship, analysing studio practice in Paris, London and Antwerp. Other awards Zoe has won include Yves Klein Design Award MCA and the Pat Corrigan Grant from The National Association of Visual Arts. Zoe has worked in design both in Australia and internationally for high profile labels including BOUDICCA, of London and Akira Isogowa in Sydney and Paris.