Workshop Roadshow with Cementa Inc.

This year, continuing our engagement with rural and remote communities, DLUX is partnering with our friends at Cementa (Kandos, NSW), who will deliver a range of workshops to schools in regional NSW. These workshops will focus on electronic media, digital media, new technologies and their intersections with art.

image: Alex Wisser

image: Alex Wisser


The first Workshop Roadshow program has just launched with three workshops by new media artist Michael Petchkovsky.  The workshops will engage distance education students in Dubbo and primary and high school students in Wellington with how to make art out of discarded technologies. Michael uses redundant technologies such as old video cameras, oscilloscopes and tv monitors to create unusual sound and visual patterns that are then made into video and audio artworks.  The students will be learning about the history of this artform and then trying their hands at making their own audio video artworks.


*2018 Workshop Roadshow is a partnership between DLUX Media Arts and CEMENTA Inc. funded by Create NSW and the Sydney Mechanics School of Art

Wellington Public 3.jpg

Students from Wellington Primary, 2018 Workshop Roadshow

Wellington High School 2.jpg

High School Students at Wellington NSW, 2018 Workshop Roadshow