The Best Art Exhibitions in New Zealand

If you’re planning a visit to New Zealand, you should check out the art exhibitions there. There are many art galleries in the country, but a few of the best include the Auckland Art Gallery, the Tauranga Art Gallery, and the Gus Fischer Gallery. It is a big task for New Zealand to hosts these exhibitions and requires many NZ movers to transport artwork and artifacts to showcase at these exhibitions. Here are some of the highlights of these galleries. The NZ Art Show is another one worth checking out, and we’ve included them in this article so you don’t have to!

NZ Art Show

This year the RT Nelson Awards for Sculpture was held at the TSB Arena and featured thousands of pieces from more than 200 artists. The event included fine wines by Luna Estate, craft beer from Taranaki’s Shinanaki brewery and live music from The Yeabsley Brothers Trio. The award winners for 2022 will be announced at a ceremony on July 25. Each winner will receive a $15000 prize. This year’s show had an incredible line-up of international artists, including some from all over the world. Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Colefor their artworks Harikoa – Aroā Nukunuku and Paki – He Taonga Tuku Iho, was a fantastic piece, a crocheted neon NZ wool with hand carvings embellished all around.

This year’s NZ Art Show was attended by a record-breaking crowd of over 10,000 people. Artworks valued at more than $2 million were sold throughout the show. The event was so popular that art lovers came out in droves to support the local artists. The People’s Choice Art Award, sponsored by Brendan Foot Supersite, was presented to Jamie Stewart, who won the award with her work Passing Rains. It’s well worth a visit if you’re interested in discovering New Zealand artists’ unique styles.

Tauranga Art Gallery

The best art exhibitions in New Zealand are not always in the big cities, but Tauranga has a lot to offer for those who love the arts. The gallery is a relatively new institution, and has quickly gained fame for its collections and impeccable architecture. It regularly has international exhibits and tailors the exhibitions to coincide with national school curriculums. The best way to experience the art in this central city is to check out the latest shows and exhibits at the Tauranga Art Gallery.

Melanie Roger Gallery

The independent Melanie Roger Gallery represents New Zealand artists and is a must-see for tourists visiting Auckland. It has a stockroom that the artists are welcome to use for their works, and many public events are hosted there. The gallery also represents emerging artists who are being promoted internationally. The work displayed at the Melanie Roger Gallery is quite eye-catching, with its striking windows. The gallery is located in the Jervois Road strip, and visitors to Auckland will find contemporary art works by artists like Sam Mitchell, Gavin Hurley, Heather Straka, Liyen Chong, and Martin Poppelwell.

In the coming months, there are a lot of exciting new art exhibitions at the Tauranga Art Gallery, including a new Afro-beat band called the Ijebu Pleasure Club. They combine the Afrofunk style of Fela Kuti with 80s hits. You can also catch the acoustic stomp remix artist Josh Pow Music. This musician began his career busking in Tauranga, where he quickly gained a local reputation.

In addition to the Melanie Roger Gallery, Auckland has the Gow Langsford Gallery, which focuses on contemporary art. It is located right across the street from the largest art gallery in Auckland. The Gow Langsford Gallery has two gallery spaces, and is focused on individual artists. There are also detailed guides to each artist’s work, and an artist statement to accompany each piece. This gallery has hosted many internationally renowned artists including Dick Frizzell, Max Gimblett, Judy Millar, and Pablo Picasso.

Gus Fischer Gallery

The Gus Fisher Gallery is a contemporary arts centre located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. The building itself is a heritage-listed Grade I building that opened in 1934. The Gus Fisher Gallery is home to international and local artists, and offers a unique setting for art viewing. The gallery has a robust public programme, including film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and family activities.

This exhibition at the Gus Fisher Gallery was made possible thanks to the generous contributions of Gus Fisher. During the exhibition The Medium is the Message, a selected writer will be granted two weeks of residency time to engage with and respond to the works on display. The final piece of writing will be published on The Pantograph Punch. To apply, writers must be Auckland-based. The deadline is 31 January 2019.

Te Uru

The Te Uru Waitkere Contemporary Gallery is a contemporary art exhibition centre in the suburb of Titirangi, Auckland. It serves the West Auckland community, and opened in 1986. Since then, it has become one of the most popular contemporary art galleries in New Zealand. The gallery features a diverse range of art forms, including sculpture, painting, and photography. Te Uru’s mission is to showcase contemporary New Zealand art and the artists who produce it.

The gallery is located in the historic Lopdell House, which was built in 1930 as a hotel. The building is now an important cultural centre and community focus, home to the Titirangi Theatre, Lopdell House Art Gallery, and small businesses. The building required seismic upgrades and improvements to meet international art lending requirements. As well as this, the original gallery space was small and had low ceilings. A separate gallery was proposed to house the Te Uru Contemporary Art Gallery.